Facebook Collecting my data. Open Facebook in Safe Money?

  • 16 July 2020
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I do not like FB tracking everything I do. I was wondering if I only open Facebook in Safe Money would it block FB from collecting data on all of the websites I visit.

Or is there an option in KTS to stop FB doing this?


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Hello @Oinkyoink,


Not in any particular order: 

  1. Use KTS Private browsing
  2. Remove as many permissions from Facebook as you can without making the account non-functional.
  3. Use browsers in Incognito mode. 
  4. Use browsers Privacy controls.
  5. Disable third-party cookies
  6. Enable Clear cookies and site data when you quit a browser. 
  7. Use a VPN. 
  8. If you grant permissions, make sure those permissions are targeted, not global.

Others in the Community may have additional tips, we’re sure they’ll contribute. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:



Protected Browser - Safe Money browser mode

KTS about websites opened in Protected Browser

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