Exclusions always detected in full scans

  • 2 November 2021
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Hello, thanks by advance for your returns,

Im running Kaspersky Total Security (g) , on Windows 10 [version 10.0.19043.1110]

My problem is that im trying to add some complete folders or specific files to exclusions list (For that they stop being detected as a threat by full scans), but whatever i do in settings, my files keep going to be detected as threats.

My mains files that i want to exclude are two Kali Linux setup, one is a .7z and the second is .iso

But whatever i do, adding theses files to exclusions, or my main folder that is containing all my ISOs, Kaspersky keep going to detect more than 1300 threats (tools that are contained in the two image). Obviously i will not take the time to add 1300 specific files to exclusions, i need to be able to exclude a complete folder, cause its just impossible to me to check theses 1300 everytimes, just to see if there is not a new real detection to delete, hidden in the middle of theses 1300 fake detection which i should look one by one? just no…. 


The problem dosnt only come from theses Kali files, the problem is on exclusions/fullscan behavior, i want Kaspersky stop scanning the folders i told him not no scan, but its not the case, i have this issue with many others minor files, that i have been obligated to compress in a RAR with password encryption, not for security but just for that Kaspersky stop * me with theses detect. This method is ok for small files even if i shou, but not for a 10go ISO that contain 1300 detections, its bust boring….


I already know that this question about Kali Linux have already been asked, iv read tens of post, but none of thems had resolve my problem, and again, the issue is not about Kali, but seems  about behavior between exclusions and full scan. There is just no way for me to exclude a full drive letter or a specific folder from being scanned by full scan, and its a real headache as full scan is the only way to, as his name tell, scanning the full installation (I have many drives)


Light scans are clean to me, but thIS only scan system, not user folder i guess so maybe its why, and anyways, i want being able to scan all in a one time, but whitout the folder or drive letter i told him no avoid? 


I feel like my Kaspersky application consider me as a home basic user and refuse to execute orders i give him hahaha….


Thanks by advance for your precious help and time


4 replies

Update, my exclusions list :


As you can see, i have both added the iso and 7z files (The two first lines), and also added the folder (“ISO” the third line) that is containing theses, but full scan keep going to scan the folder and the two files anyway…


The 4th line( I drive letter) is an USB external drive that i try to make excluded from external drives auto scan, whitout sucess….


The 3 last ones was added by Kaspersky itself when doing a “vulnerability” scan research, he have detected theses, that i have ask to be excluded on the notification popup. Theses seems to work as vulnerability scan stay clean now.


Thanks again



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Hello @Natural_Mystik72


If you've read the existing Kalia Linux topics & they've either not helped or are not relevant, it would be best to contact Kaspersky Technical Support, on the Support page, select Chat or Email, fill in Application malfunction, Other template; the Support agent may request logs, traces & other data; they will advise you. 

:exclamation: If you select Chat, we recommend you receive a copy of the chat transcript, make sure you fill in your email address AFTER the chat is activated by the Chat agent & complete the Verify your email address email AFTER the chat completes:exclamation: ​

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to ask? 

When it’s available, please share the outcome with the Kaspersky Community? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Hello Sir,


Thanks for your return,


So i have already opened a mail support ticket, ID INC000013366241, and they have answered me today, asking for the screenshots, that i will send immediatly.


In prevention, i have launch again the full scan yesterday to save the report and send it to the support when they ask for it, and in the meantime i have activated KLTrace to generate trace files, but i have been obligated to stop the trace service after a few time cause the generated files was more than 35G size total, my system drive was full before i had time to see it, and then my virtual machine started to suffer of it, i had to use an disk analyzer before understanding it was kaspersky Trace that was oversizing? is it normal?


Cause i know that the support will ask for theses trace files, but i cant make thems if they generate that much space….


I will keep you update about the following


The only other topic that was revelant to me was this one : 


Exctactly the same issue, but different version number, and it was 4 months ago, the guy say it was resolve after force updated the app by reinstalling it manualy?


Have a great day

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Hello @Natural_Mystik72

Thank you for the update!

  1. Perhaps go back to support & ask them if they have a method to capture “smaller” traces, 35gb is outrageous. 
  2. You could also try a clean install, if you do, before you uninstall, make sure you have the KTS activation code, during the uninstall, do not check any check boxes, leave all check boxes blank.
  3. Then download & clean install a new KTS. 
  4. Please keep us updated with the outcome? 

Thank you:pray_tone3: