Exceeded the number of activations allowed for the entered activation code. "Sending license" doesn't send anything.

  • 13 March 2021
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Hey guys. 

Can someone give me a hand? I’ll try to explain.

  1. I had a license of total security, I did a clean install in my pc.
  2. Re installed kaspersky, it give me 30 days of trial by mistake.
  3. Went to the website to disable my old device to my license so I can re activate it on my new one (its actually the same one but has a new name since its formatted)
  4. And when I try to send my license to this new device with the trial, I got the msg “sending license” BUT DOES NOT SEND ANYTHING!!

What could I do? Should I uninstall and install kaspersky again? because even when I try to put my license in my new device it says you have reached the limit of devices or something like that. BUT IN THE WEBSITE APPEARS LIKE (0) of (1) !!!! 

don’t know what to do :( 

well that’s it. I hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance guys.

best regards



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2 replies

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Hello @JoseSanhueza


Re “ reached the limit of devices or something like that

Something like that” is not helpful, please post images of the exact errors?  & if they are not in English, please translate them exactly

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Hello @JoseSanhueza

Thank you:relaxed: !

Follow "You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code" documentation carefully. 



Thank you:pray_tone3:

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