Dramatic internet speed decrease after KTS 2019 install [UN-CROSS-POSTED]

I reimaged my system recently and measured my internet speed on a complete clean system. My ISP declared my fiber to deliver 500 Mbps and I can get even more - 510-530 Mbps.

My OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 1809,
My KTS: (d)

Unfortunately right after KTS install I'm getting only 80-120 Mbps speed! Nothing else has been modified in the OS, just KTS installed. When I exit KTS and re-measure, I'm getting up to 300 Mbps. It's still far from the full throughput, but much better.

Anyway, it seems clear it's KTS that obstructs the network, however I have no idea how. I've already disabled all (or most) of the settings that might have impacted traffic speed:
  • injecting javascript to screen pages
  • limiting traffic at metered connections
  • screening encrypted connections
  • auto-detecting proxy
None of those settings has improved my connection speed at all. Does anyone has any ideas what else can be tried?

I remember I did the same test few months back with KTS 2018 and even though the network speed got a bit down (by say 10%) there was no such disaster as with KTS 2019. I'm really thinking on switching into some other security provider...

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Good day, @mikolajek
Any news on your problem with internet connection speed?
@Friend, later after posting I actually removed 2020 and cleared everything with Kavremover, then re-installed 2020 with no legacy settings. No improvement whatsoever...

Support told me that the code changes in 2020 were i.a. directed into improving the scanning driver, so they should positively impact the network performance.

I did some more test and the speed varies, but in general the results are worse than for 2019...
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@mikolajek is it so bad?
In 2020, the version promised the opposite to improve this moment.
Maybe the problem is in the old settings Kaspersky Total Security ?
Some update: Support has advised me to upgrade to the 2020 RTM version to see if it helps. I've installed version and... it's much worse! 😮 All I can get now is 60-65 Mbps...
I saved the app settings, so 2020 is operating with the KTS config that assured the best possible networks performance I could get with 2019.
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@mikolajek new patches are delivered to all users gradually - over several days. To install the patch, run the update. When finished, restart the computer. If the patch did not come, wait until it is available to you.
@Friend, thank for this!

My support case No is INC000010341584. I'm a bit disappointed so far, as I entered all the necessary info and the GSI report, and in return I was asked to provide the very same info and GSI report that was already there!

I'm aware of the E patch, but since I have a fresh KTS install, it looks it hasn't been yet enabled to me (as explained in the ticket). I do the manual database update everyday hoping it will get downloaded, but so far no luck. Is there any way to enforce this module update?
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Good day, @mikolajek
Enter here the number of your appeal to support
By the way, the patch E was recently released, there should be changes that affect the speed of the Internet connection, try installing it: https://support.kaspersky.com/13877#block1
I had a technician visiting me last week on this issue and he confirmed everything was fine.

Moreover, I have my business laptop (with another security suite) also cable-connected to my router and I can get the full speed on it.

Finally, as I said - I did several speed test before I installed KTS and after doing so. In the meantime there were no other installations, updates or other configuration changes. KTS seems then to be the only culprit. It's possible it can be an isolated situation, but I do believe it needs to be validated by Kaspersky Support.

I've placed my support request over 2 days ago and till now, no engineer has even been assigned to review it 😒
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I agree with Bean Slappers, maybe check with your IP Providers and get them to check your connection and speed to Router.
We seem to have no issues with internet speed with Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 installed on all home computers.
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Sunmit a ticket to tech support, because it shouldn't be happening to that extent.

Another though have you asked your ISP about the speed drop?

But as I said before it shouldn't be that bad of a drop.
@BeanSlappers, oh sure - I've played with my whole network infrastructure for a long time, with no effect again.

I'm running Dell XPS 9360, with i7-7500U, 16GB RAM, 512GD SSD. The bottleneck could be the Realtek network card, but 1. I've also tweaked its parameters, and 2. the issue appeared somewhere with KTS 2019 (unfortunately I can't say which build), as in the past I had no throughput problems with this card.
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That is really strange, because I personally have 1Gbps fiber, and I am not having problems with it.

Have you rebooted your router?

What is your system specs?
Thanks, @BeanSlappers, I've already got both those tweaked and still no luck...

I have the impression that KTS driver/filter is doing this lousy job. I tried disabling individual KTS modules to see if there was any speed difference, and there was none. The only "solution" is to completely exit application (then I can get 60% of my nominal link speed) or completely uninstall it (then 100% is back). However the uninstallation.... You know...
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Hey everyone try this if you are having a speed drop

Kaspersky software > Settings > Additional > Network > Limited traffic on metered connections > Untick.

Also if this has not fully fixed it and your not using a proxy server etc:

Kaspersky software > Settings > Additional > Network > Proxy server settings > Do not use proxy server > Untick > Save,
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Hello mikolajek,

I collected more than a few contemporaneous posts and replies that were cross posted in two different topic threads at almost the same time. Please help prevent chaos. Please do not cross post same issue in multiple topic threads.
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@mikolajek: it seems I have this feature because I'm Mod, but standard users don't have it...
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Okay @mikolajek, now Kaspersky experts will now look at it and get back to you.
No worries, @KarDip!

Here's my report: https://www.getsysteminfo.com/report/d4c1e4f4a6448952e1663a4f318f4058
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Okay you could be missing upload.
This forum platform is new and we are still learning to use it.
Put zip in below URL.
Copy and paste easy read link back here.
Hmmm.... @harlan4096, shoot me but I can't see such option...

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Try with "Upload files" button -> an arrow up...
@KarDip - how do you attach non-media files in the new community? All I can see is an option to add image / video / link - none of those accepts zip archives.
Thanks for confirming this, @harlan4096!

This may be indeed a case of higher-speed connections. The mentioned test with KTS 2018 made early 2018 was done when my connection speed was 256 Mbps and I got it upgraded in mid-2018.

Anyway, it's another corroborative item suggesting something is wrong with KTS itself 😐,,,
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I've tried that 1GB download test with KTS2020 (the last RC, that last week has been signed to TR, so will be the final)...

My connection: optical fiber 100 MBits/s (symmetric).

I've used FireFox 66.0.2 (x64), and, except for a few seconds that went down to about 7,4MBytes/s, it remained most of the time in 9'2MBytes/s ~ 10MBytes/s...

But it's true that in previous builds K2017 ~ K2018 I know users from others forums that complained because Kaspersky cut down their connections of more than 500MB and They never got speeds near 500MB even in direct downloads, so the Kaspersky issue should be tested with higher speed connections...
Roger that!

So here are the speeds of downloading 1GB test file from https://www.thinkbroadband.com/download:

with KTS 2019 OFF:
  • top speed - 18 MB/s -> 144 Mbps
  • average speed - 12 MB/s -> 88 Mbps
with KTS 2019 ON:
  • top speed - 9 MB/s -> 72 Mbps
  • average speed - 7 MB/s -> 56 Mbps
Obviosuly the bottleneck in this case is with the server, not with the client, but still getting up to almost 150 Mbps is good enough for me. It definitely looks that KTS 2019 is seriously impacting the link speed, and I doubt that 50% speed reduction is something that anyone would accept.

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