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  • 9 September 2019
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I created a back up when I first installed KTS several years ago. Due to changing hardware I found it necessary to create a new back up with different and some additional folders.

How do I delete the old backup? I've already set the schedule to 'On Demand Only' so it won't automatically run (I hope), but would really like to delete it so it doesn't cause confusion.

Also, Can I rename a backup?


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3 replies

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How do I delete the old backup? & Can I rename a backup?
Hello Hairy,
Both Delete / Rename (Edit) backup are done from Backup and Restore window, Select Manage storages, Click the dropdown (arrow) button

opens a menu from which you can select an additional action with the specified backup settings:
  • Edit/Change settings – starts the backup settings editor wizard, from here select an existing backup, select Edit/Change settings, opens Select files for Backup, select Create Back files from specified folders, opens Select folders for backup, select Add Folder > add the folder you wish to rename, opens Select Backup storage > select the drive where you wish to save the backup, opens Backup schedule select On demand, select Next, popup confirmation displays, opens Name of Set of Backup Copies, in the Name field, type in the NEW backup name, UNSELECT Run Backup on wizard completion. Return/go back to Backup & Restore window, renamed backup will be in the list of backups.
  • Delete settingsdeletes backup settings, deletes the Backup settings configured in KTS, additionally, select Delete linked backup copies of files, deletes the actual backup files/folders.

Also, on the image, the ? in the red circle, in all Kaspersky software, selecting the ? opens a browser with a "Help" document specific to the Kaspersky application window being queried..

Best regards

Backup and Restore window
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Thanks. You're explanation was clear as a bell and worked like a charm
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Hello @Hairy,
Thank you for your lovely comment🤗 I'm🤸 the issue is resolved👏🏽
Best regards.