Database update option "After App Start" does not work!


I testet this option for 2 weeks and Kasperky doesn’t update when this option is set.

The internet connection works and when I press the update button manually, the update starts.


The Kaspersky support told me to change my proxy settings but the problem consists. As you can see in the screenshot, the PC is online for 56min, but Kaspersky won’t update. In the last test I made, the update doesn’t ran the update after 5 (!) days.

Windows 10 Professional
Kaspersky Total Security v20.0.14.1085 (j)


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@Andi W. Welcome. Please check this pinned Topic 

I forget to say that the automatic update works fine, so all of the answers in that topic doesn’t make any sense. When “update at app start” is selected, the program just has to do the update a single time after the initialization. That shouldn’t be too difficult!

At the end of the pinned thread you posted above you can read: “11% found this helpful”. Well, that says a lot!

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all of the answers in that topic doesn’t make any sense.

Without submitting Logs as suggested in that Topic we can’t provide you any further assistance   , please continue with K-Lab Technical Support . We  amicably close this Topic.