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  • 10 November 2020
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I Installed a licensed Kaspersky Total Security On Saturday (07 Nov). After Installation my Desktop changed. All the files and folders were removed, only icons remained. Even my desktop background pitcure was no more. I found this strange because it was the firsttime i saw this. It was like i had installed the new OS. All the files in any library folder were missing. I then later found them in C:\Users\my name. So i immediately removed all the files under my documents and pasted in Documents folder library and left all files in other folders like Downloads, Music,etc.


On Monday (Yesterday) when i got to the office, everything had changed back to normal. That is my desktop was normal and all other files in Downloads, music,etc were back to corresponding folders in Library except those from Documents. Even now all the files in Documents folders are still missing. And these is where i saved all the company documents, i mean everything about the company.


I tried to restore the computer the the 04th Nov but it didnt work. Please help me recover these precious documents.



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@MK2, the system for some reason could not load your profile and created a new (temporary) one.
Look at other folders in c:\users and look for your documents there.


Thanks for the response. The only file in Temp folder is ntuser.dat.   As for the Documents folder, there is nothing in it.



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@MK2, show screenshot of folder c:\users

Please find attached.




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@MK2, enable “Show hidden files and folders” by this instruction

And look in the C:\users\Default folder

I followed the Instructions and enabled show hidden files and folders. The default folder is there with all the folders like Documents, Music,etc but the folders are empty.

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@MK2, try using shadowexplorer to recover files from restore points. If you have system protection enabled.

i downloaded the shadowexplorer  managed to restore some file but some gave errors. i tried going back to it(shadowexplorer) my restore point was gone. how do i solve that?


Hi, I went away for a while. The files are still missing. please help.

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