Creating vaults in Windows 10 Pro: Can I use BitLocker at the same time?

  • 29 August 2021
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I just purchased a new Windows 10 Pro PC.  Can I create Kaspersky vaults on it and use BitLocker at the same time?  If yes, should I create the Kaspersky vaults first then turn on BitLocker, or should I turn on BitLocker then create the Kaspersky vaults?  Thanks!


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5 replies

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Hello @Buzz


Good question:clap_tone3: , tbh, we don’t know, we’ve never tested using KTS Data encryption & Windows BitLocker at the same time.

  • We’ve contacted Kaspersky Technical Support, they don’t know, they advised:


We have no information in our support guides about compatibility or incompatibility with bitlocker.

end quote

  • They’ve assigned the questions to Kaspersky HQ experts, please wait for our reply. 
  • Also, there’s a Reddit Full Disk Encryption: Kaspersky vs Bitlocker discussion, you may wish to review. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:


KTS Data encryption


Hi Flood and Mrs.,

Thank you for your swift response.  I will wait for more info.


I reviewed the Reddit thread.  No joy there, plus it’s been inactive for 3 years. 


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Hello @Buzz

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

We only did a quick Google search for similar questions, we flagged Reddit to be read later (when we have time), hoping it may have been illuminating… So sorry it’s of no help, but, you’ve saved us plowing thru the 20+ comments:sweat_smile: , so thanks for that!

As soon as we have information we will update!


Flood:whale: +:whale2:

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Hi @Buzz , 

Should be no issues using BitLocker and Kaspersky backup vaults. 

I just successfully tested this scenario: 

  • enabled BitLocker
  • enctypted the drive c:\
  • restarted PC
  • created a vault with Kaspersky 
  • restored the files from the vault to a folder


Hi Igor,

Awesome, thank you!  I’ll go for it.