Copy Kaspersky Restore Utility to storage is skipped when setting up scheduled backup.

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The instructions for setting up a scheduled backup within Kaspersky, recommends that you add a backup of the Kaspersky Restore Utility. (https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/ipm-backup-kts/10879/?_ga=2.95554014.338701641.1592148980-678594645.1590853936)

When I followed the wizard to set up my scheduled backup, it skipped the step to add KRU. Should I be concerned? Is there something else I should have done?


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Hello @Hairy,

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No, you should not be concerned, the blog Setting up backups with Kaspersky Total SecurityRestore Utility steps pertain to KTS2015, not KTS2020. 

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Kaspersky Restore Utility window

Restoring data from a backup copy using Kaspersky Restore Utility

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Thank you.