Cant update database

  • 13 January 2022
  • 6 replies

After installing version, Kaspersky wont update manually. It starts updating, goes to like 5% then says its complete. It normally went to 100% before finishing,

6 replies

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@Guill19 Welcome.

Please see this important Topic from @richbuff 


I went through those tips and still no fix.


Should I reinstall Kaspersky Total Protection?

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Hello @Guill19,
let's try one more thing.

Please perform a real reboot of the system.
Press the left 'Shift' key when clicking on 'Shutdown'. Then reboot the system.

I reinstalled Kaspersky, then went to update, it got to 85% before saying it was finished. After that it goes to 21% before ending. This is the address, https://s06.upd.kaspersky.com.  Is it actually updating and I'm a total moron? It use to go to a few update sites before, not only the one above.

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Hello @Guill19,

if you open the main window and the "Update" button is green, then everything is ok. If it is orange or red, there is a problem.
The exact database date is shown in the 'Support' window. (Man with headset, bottom left).
Or you move the mouse cursor to the Kaspersky icon in the systray:



If there are no updates at the moment, the display jumps quickly from 21% to 100%. Especially on weekends this happens more often.

If your update changes the server several times, this is a sign that no stable connection could be established. Then the program looks for the next server.

Okay I got it. It updated to 100%. Thank you for the help.