Bought and don't agree to being monitored - now what?

  • 12 November 2019
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I just completed my purchase of KTS.

It was successfully “activated”.

I clicked the “My Kaspersky” because I want to disable something.

I started the process run by a 3rd party that Kasper is not responsible for in order to set upo “My Kaspersky” account.

BEFORE I am allowed in, I must agree to being SMRCed!  (Stalked, Monitored, Recorded and Controlled).

In cannot agree to paying for protection that needs protection from the protector!

Now, I cannot back out for a refund, that will take 3 months, no mater how many hours it takes to find the means. I was also dismayed by the switch from savings to full price if I disabled the auto renew during the purchase process.

I am the person that reads the Terms of Use, and Privacy policy, for Kasperskey, Digital Rivers, and 3rd party that runs the “My Kaspersky” system.

Then, a popup shows up and says my purchase MUST be made in the country I am presently visiting. DUH! Heads up kiddie koders people move around - a lot! The warning also states there is NO My Kaspersky service available in my country (where I am presently) and forces me back to re-buy KTS again, and it’s only a hour old!

I think ethics and morals are due for update. Put those we will do this, ‘’we will follow you, we will record your moves, we will do as we please and you agree or go without’’ warnings BEFORE taking our money!


Now, Kasper is a great tool except for the ‘total control’ over us it demands in return for money and privacy.  I bought features and services that AFTER payment, I’m told I can’t have.

Is the my rental of Kaspersky so crippled until I agree to being SMRCed or can I still run it, reliably, without being SMRced, without a My Kaspersky account and without auto-renewal?








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Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/

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