Block a single application from automatic updates: how?

  • 8 September 2020
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The last time WinZip issued a new major version (23->24), Total Security updated my installed 23 to 24, and that meant that it fell back to being on a “trial” license (as I hadn’t bought WZ24).  OK, fair enough that the updated version was on a trial license, sort of, although I’m not prepared to debate whether that’s a good business practice, but Total Security shouldn’t have installed that update.

So, I want to prevent a repeat visit to this process.  There really isn’t anything new that WinZip can add that I’ll find useful - 24 added special support for PDF files, but if I need that, I’ll pay for a full license of Acrobat, thanks, and I intensely dislike having to pay for a new version *just* because TIS decided to install a new one.

So,  the question: how do I tell Kaspersky to never install updates for that one thing?  Or to just install security updates?  Or to not install new *versions*?  I cannot guarantee being present and in a position to closely monitor TIS’s notifications to stop it from updating software, but I only want to change the update process for WinZip.

2 replies

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@ladagueWelcome.  Please see paragraph 4 in this K-Lab article :





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@ladague, uncheck “Automatically download and install updates if you do not have to accept new license agreements”. 

Total Security will inform you that new software updates have been found and will offer to install them. With this, you will be able to choose which updates you want to install.



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