Bank Transaction problems, with latest version of Kaspersky Total Security

  • 19 November 2020
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I am running windows 10, with the latest version of MS Edge.

Two days ago, I renewed my Total Security package and downloaded the the latest version for 5 devices.

All appears OK, until I go online banking, with Barclays. I can get logged in ok and get to my personal banking home page ok. but, when I try to do a transaction, I get returned to my personal banking home page. I have a laptop and another laptop on which I merely typed in the new key for my renewal but did not download the latest version of Total Security. I do not have any problems with my banking transactions on the two PCs, with the older version of Kaspersky software. It look like there is a new setting, somewhere, in the new version, hat I need to set. Please could you point me in the right direction.

Thank You and Best Wishes

Harry H  

6 replies

When I select messages from the Barclays home page, the messages page opens and immediately closes back to the previous page. This happens so quickly that I cannot supply further information. Similarly, when I move to all translations from the initial screen, control is transferred to the next screen then immediately goes back to initial screen.

I’m running Security Cloud Free ver. 21,2,16.690 with Mozilla Firefox 84.0b3 (64-bit)

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I can get logged in ok and get to my personal banking home page ok.


Welcome this is a known Bug [4567416] , K-Lab Technical Support is working on this issue.


Thank you for reply, much appreciated. This answers the question.

The temporary solution, for me, is to use the other desktop PC or laptop, for my banking, until the bug is fixed.

If anyone has only one PC/Laptop, Is it possible for them to download or roll back to the previous version, until the bug is fixed.  

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As a temporary workaround You may try to add this mask to Web AntiVirus → Trusted URLs:



Do You have Private Browsing and Anti-Banner modules enabled?

Thank you for suggestions.

I will check and compare the settings, between my W10 laptop, which has no problems, with banking and, my W10 desktop, which does.

I will get back to you with the outcome.


Thank You.



This morning, I logged into my Barclays on line account. As I did this, I was informed by Kaspersky, that they has added an extension to my MS Edge Browser and, invited to accept and enable, which I did.

Continuing on into the log on to my Banking account, I found that all transactions, now, work perfectly, on this PC.

Hopefully, everyone else, who had this problem, is now OK.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my request for help.    

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