Backup to Dropbox stalling at 30%.

  • 19 January 2020
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I’m a relatively new user for Kaspersky Total Security.

I have linked my dropbox account as online storage for the backup and restore feature.

When the backup runs for files in my desktop and my documents folders as well as my images it gets to approximately 30% and then stalls indefinitely.

When I log into my dropbox account I can see that a backup folder has been created with some files, but not all required.

Help please!!  Thanks in advance... 

1 reply

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Hello @Scooter


  • If the files being backed up to Dropbox are in use, that will be reflected by the problem you’re describing. 
  • It the files being backed up to Dropbox have any permissions issues, that will be reflected by the problem you’re describing.
  1. Are any of the Performance Settings enabled?
  2. Are all Windows updates applied with a “successful” status?
  3. Is KTS up to date with the latest version & patch
  4. When KTS was installed was a software compatability check done?
  5. Is there an appropriate amount of DropBox space for the KTS backups? 
  6. Using KTS, are you able to successfully backup the same files to a local location? 
  7. Are the KTS/Dropbox backups scheduled or run “on demand”? 
  8. Is the network stable when the DropBox backups are run?
  9. What other applications are active when the DropBox backups are running?

Please let us know?

To anyalyse the issue in depth, it would be best to request support from Kaspersky Technical Support, they will need a GSI & Windows Logs, and from the problem description, they will also need traces, run as the issue is replicated. The Support Team will guide you with the necessary steps to collect Traces. 

After you submit the request, you’ll receive an automated email with an INC+12 digits reference #, then, normally, within 5 business days, a Kaspersky Lab human:spy_tone3: will contact you, also by email, you may continue to communicate with them via reply email & or by updating the INC in your MyKaspersky.com account.

Please let us know their advice & the outcome, if you do contact Kaspersky Technical Support?

Thank you:pray_tone3: 


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