avp.exe causes minutes of external HDD crunching at each connection

  • 9 October 2019
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Hello. I've borrowed the Title from a post in the forum archives because I am experiencing the same issue described there, however the solution posted there has not resolved the issue for me.

Here is a link to the original issue: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/386056-avpexe-causes-minutes-of-external-hdd-crunching-at-each-connection/

Essentially the issue is that when I dock my laptop to my docking station (which has a 1TB external drive attached via USB), the drive scans for a lengthy period of time. It's quite noisy and distracting and I would like to try and prevent it but so far I have not been solve it.

Things I have tried:

  • Scan -> External Device Scan - there are no external devices visible
  • Settings -> Additional -> Threats and Exclusions -> Manage Exclusions. I have Selected to exclude the "D:\" folder which is the path the external is available on. I've tried just selecting "Scan" and also selecting everything, and rebooting. None of these have changed the behavious
  • Settings -> Performance - uncheck rootkits scan
I'm confident it is Kaspersky Total Security that is performing the scan because the Performance Monitor shows avp.exe operating on files in the "D:\" drive. In particular on a specific folder that contains my backup archives.

I'm at a loss as to how to prevent this behaviour. Has anyone got any other suggestions please?

Thanking you,

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Hello @AndyMyersAU, Andrew,
If KTS is licensed, please contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support, ask them to assist please?
As the issue has a noticeable "sound", it would be helpful (for the technical team) if a CamStudio file is captured as the issue is replicated.
(Note, the CamStudio install window offers a "free" AV software install, select "decline", the particular software is incompatible with KTS).
Configure CamStudio as per my images:
  • Region, Full Screen

  • Options, Record audio from speakers

  • Enable Traces, select reboot Laptop, using FULL Shutdown (not Restart), when device is off, restart, login, make sure KTS is active, start CamStudio, replicate "dock laptop to docking station, noisy and long running scan" issue, turn Traces OFF, save Trace files as .zip.
  • Create the dump file of the avp.exe process
  • Run GSI & Windows Logs,
Upload all data to cloud storage of your choice, post the share link in the Incident request with a comprehensive history and your analysis.
Please let us know the outcome?
Thank you🙏🏽.

Note: the Traces procedure can create sizable traces, it's advisable to turn off traces as soon as possible.

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