Application updating- More trouble than it's worth. LibreOffice update stuck, Microsoft Office wouldn't run.

  • 2 January 2021
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A while back Kaspersky added Application updating to the security suite. This aims/claims to detect applications that have updates available, and even tries to run the updates for you.

“Tries” is the operative word.

The way Kaspersky does this is unsettling, it seems to download the update installer for the allication into a secret place (it is not in your Downloads folder) then runs it in the background with any user interaction disabled.

Sounds great, if it works, but I dislike the idea of having dowloaded .msi files hanging around in places I don’t know about. and having Kaspersky  answer questions (like installation locations) for me without me knowing what has been entered.

A couple of days ago this Kaspersky feature managed to break things.

Kaspersky  detected an update for LibreOffice from to  The popup came up when I was in the middle of something else and I accidentally hit “yes”.


The installation tried to run in the background, and it appears got stuck. This persisted across several reboots (without my knowledge)  then Microsoft changed something in Office 2010. Office refused to run without re-running the Office 2010 installer, and THAT failed because the
LibreOffice install was still stuck in the background.

In the end I had to kill the installer process manually, and Kaspoersky still thinks it’s trying to run.


Bascally it’s a mess, hence the comment- This feature of Kaspersky is more trouble than it’s worth. Just run your updates manually under your own control.

4 replies

Hello @colin_e

the issue looks related to known bug 3308940 fixed in MR3 version (release ~in February).


Thanks for the info. I await the release.

Unfortunately, this is still a mess for me because it blocks all the other updates. Perhaps it is a known bug but still not updated/fixed in April so that seems pretty poor.

Kaspersky also blocks other legitimate updates (like Band in a Box) and so I am liking Kaspersky much less than I used too because it is starting to become very hard work every time I want to update particular, but presumably less widely used, software

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Hello @drpete

Which KTS version & patch(x) x = letter → in Windows hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About

Please let us know? 

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