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  • 5 April 2019
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Hi. I'm getting super frustrated with Kaspersky right now!

I've just bought a 3 year subscription and only discovered this evening that Kaspersky blocks ads on websites which I WANT to have ads on! I am trying to stream a program on NBC but, no matter what browser I use, I can't stream the show because of the ads being blocked. I turned off Kaspersky altogether (I know not wise but I wanted to see if Kaspersky was blocking it) and, lo and behold, Kaspersky IS the problem.

This is a problem on 3 levels! 1) I WANT ads to run on this site but it seems as if Kaspersky chooses not to allow ads on this site without allowing me the right to say whether or not I want to allow ads. That, to put it mildly, isn't right! It should be MY choice to allow ads on certain sites NOT Kaspersky's!

2) Why does Kaspersky block some sites from showing ads and not others? I can't avoid ads on YouTube but can't have the ads when I want them on other sites? Why precisely?

3) Why am I not told that Kaspersky is blocking ads on a site and asked if I want to allow ads?

I'm sure you'll say that the ads can be a cause of virus but this is NBC for goodness sake! This isn't some dodgy random website!

Ultimately, this is a HUGE problem for me; I'm simply not willing to allow Kaspersky to dictate to me which sites can show me ads unless I have some control in allowing ads when I want them!

4 replies

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Welcome. Please pass your mouse cursor over the Kaspersky tray icon and tell us the full, complete name and version number of your Kaspersky product.

I’m having the exact same problem and am pretty frustrated with it. My work requires me to read a lot of news articles but I can no longer access most news websites because Kaspersky blocks them.

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@dsheon Welcome. Can you please post a screenshot from the Kaspersky alert.

@dsheon moreover, please specify on which websites you have problems and what kind of problem (Adblock detection, loading of contaent, video don’t play...etc). Without this information we can’t try to fix. Thank you

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