ALERT - "Restart required", "Your PC needs to be restarted to finish setting up this device", "Kaspersky Lab power events provider"

  • 29 May 2019
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FYI all:

Windows ALERT

= : Kaspersky new version, patch release update.

  • Question - with the following setting selected, how/why has the patch been pushed?

  • Do not download new versions automatically and do not notify me when new versions are available. Kaspersky Total Security does not automatically download the new version of the application and does not notify you of its availability. When you become aware of release of a new application version, you can download and install it on your own.

2 replies

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Which patch has been pushed to you? What patch were you on before that?

Does the setting/do the settings allow the user to choose to Not download and install new Kaspersky patches?
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Hi Richbuff,
The only way to know which patch has been pushed is to reboot, which applies the patch.

Kaspersky software doesn't announce "new patch x available to be applied"

There's no selectable options other than what I've posted in my OP:
  • Download & install
  • Do not download & install
Seeking help from TA - they ask for traces, to reproduce the issue, (which is what they ask be done) they ask for a reboot, a reboot installs the patch, when the patch is installed nothing shows on the traces as the patch has been applied - 💥catch 22💥

Any 🤔?

System information: as per profile: W10 x 64, 1809, v 10.0.17763.437, KTS19.0.0.1088(e), W7 HP v6.1, 7601, SP1, KTS19.0.0.1088(e)