Activation code purchased from a different country [SPLIT]

  • 27 October 2019
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hello Sir..if i buy a license kaspersky internet security from bangladesh,then can i use same license in austria vienna.

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Hello @Md.Shajahan Rony,


  1. You can only activate a Kaspersky Lab application in the country of the online store in which you purchased the license. 
  2. If you try to activate the application with an activation code intended for a different country, you will get the error “Activation code is invalid for this region”. This will happen, for example, if you bought the application in the Indian online store, but you installed it and are trying to activate it in the United Kingdom.
  3. After activating the License in the country of purchase, you can use the software anywhere. 


Can I activate the application with an activation code purchased in a different country?

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Thank you