Acronis indicated ransomware

Acronis indicated a rasomware on Kaspersky Total Security. How should I proceed.

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@areyou real This doesn’t sound bad …

FYI here are some related links

https://noransom.kaspersky.com/  (*)





(*) Ask for the tech support (only for Kaspersky’s paid products customers)”

No email. Have had a problem with Nikon photos having the date taken, changed. Some folders refused to be deleted. Took several restarts and one shutdown to delete the ‘empty’ folder. Sorry, no screenshot. Have not noticed encrypted folders as I am deleting third or more copies. Acronis asked if I wanted the ransomware ….paused?. Said yes. No more indications of ransomware

today. 5/4/2021.


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@areyou real Welcome. 
Can you please post a screenshot from the Acronis alert.
Have files been encrypted ?  Did you receive a Mail from an attacker ?