access denied visiting some URL (I own the website)

  • 5 November 2019
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Hi, I don’t want to post public my affected URL. How I can post it privately?


I need to request an scan to my website to avoid this messages to others.


When visiting the url I get this message:


Unable to provide requested URL


Blocked by Internet Antivirus

Reason: data loss threat

Detection method: databases

Click here if you think the web page has been blocked by mistake. The application will not block it again.


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5 replies

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Welcome. Please submit your URL here : https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/

Thanks for the quick reply.


I already did. It says it's safe but, both on virustotal.com and on my browser (cause I have Kaspersky Installed) it blocks that specific URL



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Please submit a request to K-Lab Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com

FYI , this Forum cannot resolve  your problem.

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Hello   @webdesignername,

Go to KTS, select More Tools, select Reports, select Detailed Reports, select ALL EVENTS, select 24hrs, select EXPORT, export the REPORT, save as a text file (*.txt), attach the REPORT to your post please?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Ok, please we can close this now.


Thanks for your help