A trojan uninstalled my Kaspersky software...W...T...F...?????

  • 25 March 2021
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So my PC was running super slow so I decided to run my Kaspersky Total Security program. Except I get a notification the shortcut to the program was invalid and did I want to remove it? So I ran a search on my PC and Kaspersky was no longer on it!!! So I had to reinstall the program and got errors with the license - it did pop up that it disinfected a trojan. I decided to run a full scan but wonder if it can actually remove this “mystery” trojan if the trojan can uninstall it! Freaking out - not gonna lie.

7 replies

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Welcome. Please contact Tech Support, link is located at top of this webpage.

Will do!

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I see that you edited your post. I am glad that you changed your mind, and that youare going to contact the people who can explain, because I cant explain. 



So update. I did contact the link and described the situation and I got a response that they closed the case due to “Bad Description”. I was pretty explicit so I don’t know what they had an issue with understanding -  A  Bit mining trojan literally uninstalled your program off my computer dudes. FURTHERMORE, I bought and installed Malwarebytes and I have attached an image of what they cleaned off my PC WHILE KASPERSKY WAS STILL INSTALLED!!!! Guess who is not using Kaspersky anymore.

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@Mjolnira hello!

I have checked your request and saw that it was closed due to absence of reply from your side.

We can reopen this request if you wish.

Awaiting for your kind reply.

Thank you!

Of course, reopen it! I didn’t receive a response either when I submitted my complaint.

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@Mjolnira good day!

Thank you for your reply, the INC has been reopened!