2nd time problem: “you have exceeded maximum number of activation's allowed”

  • 28 August 2021
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I have purchased earlier this year a total security license from a reputed e-commerce website in my country, and registered my account with it, i was very to happy to see that my account showing 5 out of 1 devices is activated so i makes me comfortable that i can use 5 other devices and license is authentic. I have never activated any other device later my windows crashed and when activated again gives me an error or “you have exceeded maximum number of activation's allowed” so i login my account and checked and it shows 4 remaining devices are available so i contacted support and they are not willing to support me after long chains of conversations they said we cannot help.

I asked to vendor and long story short he again provided me a new key which is for 3 devices so i again added this key into my account now again i have put SSD in my pc and reinstall windows now again it says limit reached I’m tired of this account feature the purpose of if keys are not bound to a account associated with it, this is the 2nd time i faced this issue, what should i do now ? i know support will ask again to show proof and i already did all drill, it’s such a waste of time and money .. anyone can help me ?

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2 replies

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@Tayyab Welcome.

Unfortunately this community will not be able to help you in this issue.

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Hi @Tayyab,

as an addendum to @Bernys post:

Only your vendor can help you in this case.
Probably he has sold multi device licenses several times as a single license. Your co-owners of the license have activated them too often, so that now all are cheated.

The problem is not with Kaspersky, your vendor has committed a license violation, from which now all co-owners suffer.