Why some customized developed tools considered as Ad.ware and remove while it is totaly safe

  • 14 April 2019
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I have developed a tool helping me in post-printing action using virtual printer and used only for my customers inside my software package called "UDCLogMaker.exe", I have the source code and its totally safe. How I can let Kasper consider it safe because today kaspersky stared considering it as not safe and removing it automatically!
How I can sent it with source code to Kaspersky lab to check and verify that is safe, it important to me and my customers not to delete this file from PC containing Kaspersky security without using exceptions.
Thanks for your support and time.

1 reply

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If it is an UDS or signature detection, then try to send Your tool here: KL VirusDesk

When get the infected verdict, click on disagree and type Your email account, it will be sent as a false positive, to be analysed by a KL analyst.