Small Office Security 7 (g) Cannot Overwrite Files on Network Share

  • 28 December 2019
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I’m experiencing a similar issue to the thread below (INC000011020891).  We have an application that is attempting to overwrite an existing text file on a mapped network drive.  

The initial creation and writing to the file works just fine but when attempting to overwrite the file, it is blocked by Kaspersky. 

The only work around we have seen thus far is to Pause Protection and disable Application Control.

Thread for reference below: 


3 replies

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Hi, @adimondo,
Try adding the necessary program to the exceptions: https://support.kaspersky.com/14798#block3

Also try changing the network to Local network or Trusted network: https://support.kaspersky.com/15167#block1
Reboot computers. Check the problem.

Hello @Friend,

Thanks for your recommendations.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that adding the program to the exceptions is feasible for us in the long term.  We are a software development company and the program is one that we have developed in house.  As such, it often goes through changes and is run in debug mode directly from the development environment so I suspect that would create difficulty in how it’s managed in the exceptions list.  This also becomes difficult as the exceptions list would need to accommodate all programs that we develop in house that are writing to files on our network drive.  

I also checked and confirmed that the network is a local network.  Our work around for now is just going to be to delete the file we’re attempting to write to as this issue only appears when attempting to overwrite existing files. 

Curious as to whether or not there will be a fix for this as there was one issued for INC000011020891. 

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Hi, @adimondo,
You will probably be interested in reading the Whitelist program for cooperation with Kaspersky:
An application for registration and participation in the Whitelist program can be submitted here: https://whitelisting.kaspersky.com/program_registration