Set Firewall rule from powershell script

  • 25 March 2020
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Hi, I have a powershell script to find all IP attacking RDP on Windows OS. I have no problem to add this IPs to firewall rule on MS Firewall. But I have no idea, how to set rule from script in KSOS 7.

Do you know some SDK or cmd-line tool to set KAV firewall rules?


3 replies

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Hi @Tomas65 

Please take a look at<>Help URL Below<>Using the application from the command prompt.


Thank you.

Hi KarDip,

this is all avp.com commands. Thera are no command for adding one firewall rule. Only to change full configuration (EXPORT/IMPORT).

HELP         Show this help
 SCAN         Start new scan
 UPDATE       Update databases and optionally application modules
 ROLLBACK     Rollback previously updated databases
 RENEW        Renew product
 START        Start specified task
 STOP         Stop running task
 STATUS       Show task status
 STATISTICS   Show task statistics
 EXPORT       Export settings
 IMPORT       Import settings
 AcceptEULA   Accept EULA and manage KSN agreement usage flag
 REPORT       Export reports
 SHOWTM       Show scan task manager
 PROXYAUTH    Set proxy credentials
 EXIT         Exit product
 TRACES       Turn traces on/off, clear traces

I checked this way as first attempt.


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Unfortunately, There is no this function in the product.