Problem when running Indigo Rose Setup Factory

  • 9 April 2019
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We use Indigo Rose Setup Factory to create install programs for our software. We have used both Indigo Rose and Kapersky for many years now.

Last week, when creating a new setup.exe file in Indigo Rose, Kapersky quarantined the file, reporting a Trojan.Win32.Generic infection and then deletes the file.

BUT, when I disable Kapersky, create the setup.exe and then scan the newly created file with Kapersky, it finds no infection. I can't add an exception, because the file doesn't exist prior to creating it with Indigo Rose. I am certain that it is a false positive that happens during the creation of the temporary files and/or the final EXE being created.

How can I resolve this?

6 replies

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Welcome. Please submit the file here https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com/
Hi Bernie

I submitted the file and it passes as having no virus'. But it is something that happens in the process of that file being created by Indigo Rose Setup Factory that makes Kapersky think it is infected.

So I start with a file DRCCWISH.suf that gets compiled and a new file DRCCWISH_1.0.04.exe is created. Near the tail end of the creation process, Kapersky quarantines the file and then deletes it. If I turn Kapersky off and allow the file creation to complete and then scan the file, Kapersky says that the file if clean.

I had it happen last week with a different file that I was creating WISHInstall.suf ---> WISHInstall_3.7.01d.exe

So because it "detects" something mid-stage, I don't know what I can send to you to help... but I am willing to do what it takes to resolve this... It just started happening.
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Please submit a ticket to the Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com and attach the EXE-file in a protected ZIP-file.
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Hi guys, welcome to the new Kaspersky Community.
As well as above posts.
Just a thought have you thought about doing a uninstall then reinstall?
I hope it helps so this issue.
Thank you.
I didn't try that but I suppose that would be a good thing to try. The Indigo Rose Support suggested changing some of the Compression settings as the detection seems to be at some stage during the creation of the exe file... I did try that but with no change in behavior
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Yes you could give it a go, it maybe could fix this issue also.
You seem well tuned with this Rose Setup Factory software as i was thinking on reinstall that issue should all disappear maybe because of a bad batch file.
Something to think about.