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  • 10 April 2019
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So I am basically evaluating Kaspersky small office security for our...small office. Anyway a pleasant surprise was to find a backup program here because it might kill two birds with one stone, as this was another task in the pile.

The first time I setup I was frustrated by the apparent inability to specify a folder name on the target drive, either way a small thing,
I let it run, And after it being stuck on 94% -95% for around 9 and half years, It failed (after I had finished for the day) and I think it specified some files that didnt meet the criteria, but it doesnt seem to create a retreival asset, that is there is no access for retreival of those files that were good and could of been backedup independentlly of files that the program determines are not viable.

So I have been ill since and off work since so I look at the scan reports, and great it seems to be working. Stating yesterdays run has finished as expected.

Oh no my bad, I cant open either of the two apparant successfull backups for retrival because there are two many files.... You should know I do create a lot of files because I use VS.

Today I dumped the attempt and started over. Running for about 10 mins until it failed again.

Backup Task Failed - Result: Backup Error
So I drilled into details.
Two possible useful items here, Failed to Create Backup Copy, and Backup Task Failed

So selecting the former item
We at least have a filename and Reason: "Error"

Ok I can guess the reason, the file is locked, but as for the reason. What use is that?

So what are the requirements for running this software, I seem to have missed any sort of specification.

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Please review:

Yes - well thanks for that -
so the machine is well above spec

but it seems the application is well below par.

I have to say I have finally got a backup copy that I could retrieve something from, but I wont be using this product, there are simply too many negatives.

Stick with AV guys.

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