With laptop closed KSC runs autoscan prompts of external drive until battery dies

  • 3 February 2021
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How can I disable the autoscan of an external drive?


My problem with this is that KSC launches dozens of prompts, with the laptop closed. 

And if I don’t have the laptop connected to the charger, the battery dies. My computer is new and the battery lasts for a very long time, so in fact KSC is making my PC underperform. 


I have:

Windows 10 Home x64 Build 19042
KSC version: (b)

on a:
AMD Ryzen 5 4500U

The external drive is connected to my laptop using a Lenovo mini usb dock.
The problem happens even if I “remove safely” the drive before closing the lid.



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5 replies

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Windows 10 Home x64 Build 19042, KSC version: (b)

How can I disable the auto-scan of an external drive?

  1. KSC launches dozens of prompts, with the laptop closed. 
  2. The external drive is connected to my laptop using a Lenovo mini usb dock; the problem happens even if I “remove safely” the drive before closing the lid.


Hello @cetian


  1. What are the “prompts”, please show us image(s)?
  2. Just for clarification, even when the external drives have been physically removed/disconnected from the computer, the auto-scan is running & working → is that correct? 
  3. Is KSC Premium or Free? 



Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

Thank you for the response:


1: The prompts say that the scan was successful and no threats were find. And they can be as many as 20/25. The first time I noticed something was that my hard drive was constantly making noise in short bursts, during the night. I assume it’s because it’s constantly being scanned. As soon as I can I will send screenshots

2: No, I usually do not remove the drive physically. If I did this problem would not happen. I posted this because I wanted to not have to bother having to disconnet either the dock or the external drive everytime I close the laptop lid. I do click on “remove safelly” (without disconnecting) because in linux I was used to simply dismount. And it could be physically connected. But Windows might be different.

3: It’s the free version, this is why I am contacting the forum, otherwise I would contact customer support


“4”: is that option (seen on the image you shared) to disable the scan an option in KSC free? I confess that I have searched for that in google before posting and again now before replying and I did not find it.


my question:

  • can I disable the autoscan?
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Hello @cetian

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

Thank you for replying & the additional information:ok_hand_tone3:

The screen images will be most helpful, when you have time, please post?

There’s no problem between Free & premium, the reason we ask is so we don’t waste your time, telling you to contact Technical Support, as you understand, with the Free version, there’s no Technical Support  → knowing which is used, helps us help you:relaxed:

  1. Regarding 4. “ I have searched for that in google before posting and again now before replying”, is KSCF installed on your device? 
  2. Can you not find Removable drives scan & the toggle switch in the KSCF application? → open KSCF main application window, select the Scan feature, scroll to the 4th element - Removable drives scan, select :gear:  (Settings), toggle Removable drives scan OFF, select SAVE & the accept the popup Consent.
  3. Turning the toggle switch OFF will “disable” auto-scan, the scan will not run. There is no “additional” disable switch. 
  4. When you post back with the images, please include the Scan Reports, select the Report icon, next to the Scan Settings :gear: icon, save the Report as a .txt file, attach:paperclip: to your reply please? 
  5. Re Linux & Windows - different. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

Kaspersky Security Cloud package comparison

@Flood and Flood's wife 


Ty so much for your help.

I have disable the removable drive scan, thanks to you. I’m embarrassed to say did I did not think of scrolling down. Kaspersky has changed so much over the years (and improved I must say).


For now I will use it like this and will get back to the forum if any issues come up.
I will also try to understand better how the connection of the dock to my laptop works and how external drives are detected and acted upon.

Again, ty @Flood and Flood's wife and have a great day

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Hello @cetian

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

You had us a little worried, it seemed as if you might have a “cutdown” KSCF version, but, we could not work out how that was possible, because there’s no such thing:sweat_smile:

Agreed, Kaspersky has changed, a lot, the best tip we can share, before changing anything in the KSCF application, always EXPORT KSCF Settings = KSCF config file, then change, test, whatever you wish, if you wish to revert, it’s easy to IMPORT the original Settings (config file). 

Version & patches are published in staggered distribution cycles, to apply a new version or patch, the machine must be rebooted/shutdown. 

It’s good for the machine to be fully shutdown at least weekly.  

Thank you for your good wishes & you have a great day too!

Flood:whale: +:whale2: