Windows Enterprise, KSC Personal issues with VMWare, Anti Banner blocking, Edge Chromium sync, network devices, full scan takes too long.

  • 16 September 2020
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I have few issues with KSC Personal.

  • Hardware virtualization is not supported because I have Vmware Workstation installed. Is there a way to enable it?
  • Ad banner is blocking many legit sites.
  • It is not compatible with Edge Chromium. When sync is active it is constantly asking for my security key approval. If I refuse, it asks again and again.
  • It is adding duplicate devices from my network and shows some of the devices as offline, like my second router.
  • On main screen still it prompts to download and enable password manager and secure connection. How can I get rid of them? I don’t want Kaspersky VPN and Password Manager at all. I have my own password manager and VPN apps.
  • Full scan takes too much time. It was around 9 hours at least. I have i7 6850K CPU, Samsung 970 Pro m2 and 2x Sandisk Extreme Pro 960GB as RAID0. I had Bitdefender, Symantec and Trend Micro before and their scans were completed in like 40 mins. 

I created tickets to Kaspersky support, they only replied to two of my requests. They are investigating duplicate device issue, no fix. For Edge Chromium they wanted me to add edge-enterprise.activity.windows.com as network exclusion.

My version is KSC and I am using Windows 10 Enterprise. I reinstalled KSC many times, set settings to default but many problems still persist.


3 replies

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Hello @Naxterra


  • Go back to Kaspersky Technical Support = experts, ask them  to help you with the issues they have not yet addressed; have they said they will only work on two issues? If “yes” ask them why? If “no”, appreciate the fact you’ve raised multiple issues; they may have prioritized the issues, ask them & keep asking them.
  • Your subscription covers support from the Kaspersky Technical experts; keep on sending them a list of outstanding items; follow their directions carefully; noting, there’s issues you’ve defined that are very basic, those could easily be investigated & fixed.
  • Also, have you considered allowing the Kaspersky Technical Support agents to assist you by them providing direct support via a remote session? IF “no”, why not? 
  • It’s not best practice to have two different groups of people sorting out technical issues; Kaspersky Technical Support don’t share information, on each case, here in the Community = will will not know what they’re telling you to do & they may not be aware of any guidance we give you → end result = total mess. 
  1. Additional, many of us are using Edge Chromium, in combination with different Windows OS, without any need to add exclusions. 
  2. List the incident reference numbers here in your topic? 

 Thank you:pray_tone3:



Thanks for the reply. My ticket numbers are INC000011817215 and INC000011783351.

I am not sure how it works for other people but even after reinstalling KSC several times, resetting settings, cleaning registry via CCleaner, and uninstalling via kavremover, Edge issue stands.

I will create tickets for other issues.

Also I didn’t get any remote session offers if I remember correctly.

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Hello @Naxterra

You’re most welcome!

Regarding remote support, ask them if that’s available & if it would help them help you? 

How it works for other people is irrelevant, it’s what’s happening for you that matters & getting all issues addressed successfully, that’s what’s important. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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