What is the frequence of the Automatic Updates [Solved][Closed]

  • 6 October 2019
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I am new to the KSC. Just installed it on my computer today. My Updates are currently set to the "Automatic" mode. It's been almost 5 hours since my last update when I refreshed the database manually. When should I expect the "Automatic" update to next kick-in? Is there a predefined frequency for the Automatic Updates? If yes, what is it?

Thank you.

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Perfect! Thank you @FLOOD. I found what I was looking for 🙂
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Hello @DaffyDuck,
Open KsCloud application, select More Tools, select Reports, select Detailed Reports, select Database Update, select Entire Period, KSCloud application will show all updates, size of updates, upload, download speed, & other relevant information, from the report you'll be able to ascertain the timing statistics. The Report can be exported if need be, also

  • selecting Detail, on any event, drills down, providing extra information.

  • Also, is your Windows set to Limit traffic on metered connections, if so, this will change the database update frequency.
  • @Tiranon opened a Signature updates topic (in the German Community forum), it lead to a Updates deep dive and is worth reading if you're interested.
  • &, just a little tip, any in any Kaspersky software ?, selecting the question mark will open a browser to Kaspersky Help documentation, specific to the Kaspersky application window in question.
Thank you🙏🏽
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