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I am developer and developing SAAS application for my client. My application short description is to migrate emails from one account to another account using IMAP. I want to scan the content / files before sending to destination account. is there any specific APIs where i can pass content and files and and APIs give me status if content or files are ok or detect any virus?

Waiting for your appreciate response.

Thank you.

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@bilal  Welcome. Are you talking about integrating  API in your application to analyze the outbound traffic ?

Actually, i am migrating all the emails from one email account to another email account using IMAP. IMAP  provide me the content of every single email. I want to scan email content and attachments. For example , i transfer all my emails abc@gmail.com to xyz@yahoo.com. I must scan all emails content and attachment from this account abc@gmail.com before sending to  xyz@yahoo.com account. For this , i am looking some APIs that can perform content scanning.

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@bilal  Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you in this issue.

I have a content and attachment from this email. i want to scan these. check screenshot. I just want to confirm if there is no API to scan or kespersky not support to scan content online? 



I am looking for a solution where Kaspersky could scan my specified Files/Folders through command line. Actually, I am creating a Web Based solution to a problem, where we also want to integrate KasperSky to scan files. I want to configure Kaspersky in such a way that I could manually trigger a server command to scan my files when I am finished downloading some files, or completed any other task.
Can you please guide me in this regard? Do you guys have any solution for this purpose? 

Thank You

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@bilal Please see the Post above your Posts

Hi there,

We are creating a mailbox migration system. So we need to scan emails for containing possible virus infected content or attachments (files) before migrating.

Please guide the appropriate API references / end-points so we can integrated it in our system and proceed.

Also, please if you can highlight the price points and any additional things required for these APIs.

Looking forward to your response.


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Hello @Dark Stark,


Thank you:pray_tone3: