[Product suggestion] create a Kaspersky Security Network app for Ubuntu, create Gnome applet.

  • 17 April 2021
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Could you create a gnome applet for Ubuntu, that would use the Kaspersky Security Network to analyze web traffic? In exchange, for contributing to KSN, a user would receive protection from KSN. Web browsers have anti-phishing, but if a user’s web browser gets infected with malware, malware could disable anti-phishing and/or collect and distribute user data to a identity thief. A security app outside the web browser would protect the user from this security risk.

2 replies

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Maybe there could be an option for users to opt-in to contribute their idle cpu cycles to Kaspersky for machine learning malware analysis. This would increase a users power usage costs, but some users have excess solar and/or wind power.

There could be a donation button so that users could help support the Kaspersky Security Network.

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The Kaspersky gnome applet could display Kaspersky security news, so that Linux users are up-to-date on the latest security flaws and data breaches.

After first installation, it could display a list of security tips.