Previously Malicious Link Detected. Blocked versus Not processed?

  • 18 April 2021
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Web Anti-Virus of Kaspersky Security Cloud gave me three notifications regarding a malicious link for the probability of unauthorized software download. They are all from the same web page, but different names. 

The first notification details say “Event: download denied; result description: blocked” while the other two say “Previously opened malicious link detected; result description: not processed”. What is the difference between “blocked” and “not processed”? Did Kaspersky not block the other two download attempts? 


3 replies

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@HTSohma Welcome. Kaspersky blocked all the objects,  can you please tell which objects have not been processed.

Also, please check if any object has been quarantined.

Hello @Berny, thank you so much for your reply.

The unprocessed objects are both links from the same website that was blocked, just different links/details. That’s why I wonder why only one was blocked.

No object has been quarantined.

Should I be concerned?

I did scan my laptop with KIS and Malwarebytes after the incident and nothing came up.

Thank you.



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@HTSohma You are welcome.
If  Kaspersky doesn’t detect an object means that your system is clean :thumbsup: