new ideas for krapesky cloud

  • 21 July 2019
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ideas to improve
make a new engine to detect if you computer was hacked

add a new anti exploit for cpu attack or cpu vulneravility to prevent hackers gain access to the cpu remotely or ect and for the gpu too

improve hidden network attack ,bot,adware,scrips ,backdoor,and more

detect hidden computers in your pc

improve anti keylogers to prevent hackers steal your information or credit card or ect

improve detect if your browser when you open it is been tamper by a malware or unknow program most malware modifie the browser and inject virus to steal information

improve network manipulation detection

make a profecional firewall most normal firewall are trash are don't protect make a new profecional firewall with a anti exploit to prevent super sophisticated attacks from hackers

and to see in the firewall wht is blocking or what type of attack is bloking the firewall like for example

ddos or dos attack
ping attack
fragmented attack
https attack
domain attacks

improve registry protection

improve solid web protection for popups and scrips and new type of malware attacks
most anti virus are very weak for web protection

make a new tech to detect attacks when you are playing games some hackers use hacking tools to cheats and try to boot you from the game or even when you connect to xbox live or psn online or pc

improve website encryption security
improve to protect raouter and cable modem that are very vulnerable to hackers and more


1 reply

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Hello kakashi_hatake,
For enhancements to Kaspersky products, please log into MyKaspersky account, https://my.kaspersky.com/techsupport#/requests/new, create a request using the "I have a suggestion" template, by filling in:
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  7. Problem description - add the information you posted above.
  • As your suggestions are across multiple platforms/Kaspersky products, mention that aspect as well.
  • All suggestions are escalated to appropriate teams for review and implementation or not, either way, the Kaspersky Team will communicate with you.
  • Upon logging a request, via the portal, you'll receive an automated email with an INC + 12 numbers, e.g. INC000070707070