My PC takes a few minutes to start, about three minutes.

  • 24 December 2020
  • 3 replies

I have just installed Kaspersky Security Cloud (Free) with Windows 10.

Previously I was using Windows Defender.

Now when my PC starts or logs in it always takes about 3 minutes!!!!

How can this be stopped please else I will have to uninstall Kaspersky.

Thank you.

3 replies

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@chuckie72 Welcome. Did you check if you are eventually running  other security  applications  that could be conflicting with Kaspersky?

Hi @Berny 

Thanks for your reply. I decided to uninstall the software. Thank you.

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Hi @chuckie72

It is a pity you decided to uninstall, we could have tied to find the cause of this behavior, as normally Kaspersky product does not affect the system start time. If you decide to give it another try - let us know, we will try to help.



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