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  • 5 March 2021
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Hi! Straight to the point: I have really enjoyed all the possibilities that Kaspersky tools offer. The notebook and files are always safe and I feel it. However, I want you to feel, for me, what it's like to do a back-up on the SSD itself. And that has been the case, because Kaspersky - in my opinion as a consumer, as a customer and approaching the problem ethically - has limited itself to providing the option of back-up in the cloud solely through the Dropbox service. I've been using Google Drive for many, many years, and as the size of the free cloud space on Dropbox isn't enough, feel like me: forced to buy more space (already having enough on other platforms) or perform back-up on the hardware that runs the copied files and programs. All of this is clear, for the technical knowledge I have (which prevents me even from entering technical communities, because I don't speak the “language”) and if the option exists, it must be very well hidden.

So, I ask for help to perform automatic back-ups regularly for google drive. Thank you very much!


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Hello @FredV


Yes, agreed, ioo, (Kaspersky) only having Dropbox as a cloud backup option is ridiculous.  

Automatic backups via Kaspersky Security Cloud to Google drive, cannot be done; however, if you install the Google Drive *app*, on (your) Desktop, you can setup Backup and Sync → Back up & sync files with Google Drive

Please let us know if more assistance is required?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

I don't know why the answer I just wrote does not appear to me. Maybe I did something wrong. Thank you very much!!! You made me see that I was only looking “inside” the KSC and forgot to look outside the fence.

Yea! You're right! However I stopped using GDrive and lately I have been using Foldersync (through an emulator for Android). Much more flexible to set up synchronization rules involving multiple accounts and cloud services.

Right now I will do that and I will never worry again! Thanks to you!
Thank you very, very much!

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Hello @FredV

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

We’re delighted the issue is resolved:cartwheel_tone3:

Re “I don't know why the answer I just wrote does not appear to me. Maybe I did something wrong”, no, more than likely, there was a glitch, and the vanishing answer was the outcome; it happens to us, so much so, we write our “answers”, using Notepad, then, copy/paste, to our replies; we’ve lost or had vanished answers too many times not to have a working contingency strategy:sweat_smile:

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

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FredV - If you wished to keep the cloud backup process within Kaspersky, mount your Google account as a local hard drive using either  Air Live Drive or RaiDrive.  When mounted, the drive should appear within Kaspersky as a local drive option. This would remove the need to install Google Backup & Sync. There are other clouds that can also be integrated in this manner.

Thank you @Thoughts !

It is true that while I read what you wrote, I was already thinking about the options you presented to me: Air Live Drive or RaiDrive. I will know and try. I think it will be very, very useful for other back-ups and I will automate them.