Kaspersky spams me with Malicious Link notifications

  • 23 December 2019
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Hello, I’m using Kaspersky Security Cloud Free but I think this issue is present in all Kaspersky products (Antivirus, Internet Security and so on).

Whenever I visit a website that probably has some kind of malware on it, Kaspersky as expected blocks it. However, even after it blocks it and I close that malicious tab, many notifications are still popping up from Kaspersky (“Malicious Link”). Why is that happening? Why do I get 10+ notifications about the same malicious link being blocked even though it is blocked and I closed that tab. The only way to stop these notifications is to close Firefox or let them stop on their own after quite a while. Perhaps the website keeps sending the malware to my browser, I don’t know how that works, but Kaspersky shouldn’t spam me with countless notifications about the same link being blocked. It should notify my once and that’s it. Am I the only one with this issue? Will it get fixed soon? It’s very annoying! This issue isn’t something new, it has been preset in Kaspersky since the first time I installed it (2 years ago Kasperksy Free)


I’m using Kaspersky Security Cloud Free but this problem is also on other Kaspersky products I’ve tried in the past. Also, I’m using Windows 10 1909 and Firefox 71.0 with uBlock Origin

5 replies

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Hello  @user10101010101,


  • The issue you’ve raised can happen with embedded links, sometimes unsafe browser addons, redirects by sites using cookie stuffing, a variety of reasons.
  • If the Kaspersky software was to “alert” for one detection and ignore all the rest, with the end result a system contamination, would that be a better outcome? 
  1. May we have a copy of Kaspersky Security Cloud Report, open KSC application, select More Tools, select Reports, select Detailed Reports, select All Events, select 7days, select Export, save the report as a .txt file & attach:paperclip: to your reply please? 
  2. Is uBlock Origin the only addon? 
  3. Is the only browser installed & in use Firefox? 
  4. Have any Themes been added/enabled in Firefox? 

Please post back?

Thank you


Yes, uBlock Origin is the only addon. Firefox is the only browser. No there aren’t any themes enabled.

  • If the Kaspersky software was to “alert” for one detection and ignore all the rest, with the end result a system contamination, would that be a better outcome? 



I’m sorry but I can’t agree with you. Kaspersky blocks the malicious web link automatically. What does the notifications have to do if Kaspersky blocks the web link or not?? It doesn’t ask me if I want it to block it or not, it does it automatically.

Besides that, how exactly is it user-friendly for Kaspersky to spam you with countless notifications one after the other (one time Kaspersky spammed me with 40+ notifications about blocking a web link in 2 minutes time)? Other antiviruses I tried didn’t spam me with so many notifications when blocking these kind of malicious links. When an antivirus software spams you with SO MANY notifications in such a sort time, then the antivirus annoys the user and essentially becomes malware itself.  It is not user-friendly, it is unproductive and it is annoying for Kaspersky to spam me with this deluge of notifications in such a short time.

I’m not asking for Kaspersky not to block the threat. I’m asking that it notifies me once or twice and then if the same website keeps getting blocked then it shouldn’t keep spamming me with constant notifications. I encountered this problem only with Kaspersky. Other antivirus solutions don’t do that. I like Kaspersky and I would like to see it get improved.


Here is the report (with web links reducted for privacy reasons):


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Hello  @user10101010101,

So we can assist you, please provide an ALL Events, unredacted report, without the origin/sources, we cannot check.

You may wish to submit the detections to the Kaspersky Virus Lab, note, the link scan result may show “safe”, at which point you submit the link for analysis by adding your email address and acknowledging the “consent” tick box. The Kaspersky application software and the VL analsysis use different resources, which can account for the different results.

If the Lab finds the detections are false positives, generally, if possible, they will rectify, otherwise they will advise, if there’s a reason for not making a change. 

Thank you.

Hello, I’m getting spam of Malicious link blocked 20 times per minute. What should I do to fix that ?

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Welcome. Please see: https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-internet-security-13/notification-of-detection-file-or-website-detected-1313


Any better after that?