Kaspersky Security Cloud Dashboard Stops Working

  • 16 September 2021
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Kaspersky security cloud works but after like a 1 hour or so the dashboard stops working, i can still open the application but I cant click scan, I cant click data base update, its like the dashboard just freezes until I reset my pc. I have heard it could be from malwarebytes.


If anyone knows a fix/solution to this please respond with a explanation.


I have malwarebytes and hitman pro installed as a second opinion scan options



2 replies

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I have malwarebytes and hitman pro installed as a second opinion scan options

Hello @Karzai


Both Malwarebytes & HitmanPro are listed as applications incompatible with Kaspersky Security Cloud.  

Kaspersky’s documented advice is clear:

Use of Kaspersky Security Cloud along with incompatible software may cause errors in the applications and the operating system. We recommend you to remove such applications before installing Kaspersky Security Cloud. 

  1. Are there any Recommendations/notifications showing in Kaspersky Security Cloud?  
  2. Install Kaspersky Security Cloud without the conflicting software & see if the dashboard continues to stop working?
  3. Is Kaspersky Security Cloud Personal, Family or Free? 

Please let us know? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


I do see malwarebytes as incompatible but i do not see hit man pro. Hitman pro as in the scanner not hitmanpro.alert. I dont know if it would count as the same thing but hitman pro does not run in the background it is a second opinion scanner.