I don't know if Trojan.Multi.BroSubsc.gen was removed from my system

  • 2 August 2021
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POSTED TO THE WRONG SUBJECT, help would be appreciated regardless

I ran a quick scan using the free version of Kaspersky. It detected two trojans, one of which it took care of quickly. However, it didn’t do anything to the other one. When I manually clicked ‘resolve’ on it nothing happened. Nothing happened when I tried to go to the file location.

I decided to update the databases and application modules, and after doing so my system was force restarted. I do not know if this was Kaspersky. However, I ran another quick scan after that and this time it told me my computer was completely safe, with no threats detected. I ran a full scan that had the same result. However, I checked my logs and found that it never said it deleted Trojan.Multi.BroSubsc.gen, but it was just ‘detected’. I will post screenshots attached to this post. My question is, was Trojan.Multi.BroSubsc.gen actually removed, since Kaspersky says my system is free, or has it found a hiding spot where Kaspersky can’t detect it, since Kaspersky never said it was disinfected or removed.


Note: my ‘user’ thing is blacked out as to protect my privacy, since it contains my name.

2 replies

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This treat has been disinfected, So you don’t worry about it. If this treat exist again, Please feed back here.


Thank you so much, I was really stressing over this.