Error: Kaspersky Security Cloud is Not yet available in your region.

  • 18 September 2019
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Please, help me!

7 replies

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Welcome. Did you;

  1. Log into my Kaspersky and specify the region that matches the locale of the website from which you downloaded the distribution package?
  2. Change account?
  3. Contact Support?
Hi and thanks for your reply!

I changed account and now my Kaspersky is activated.
Thank you very much.

DANIEL (Romania)

my application is still not available in my region I live in Indonesia

I'm choosing southeast Asia download but it still says that my application is not available in the region 

edit: im using kaspersky security cloud free

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Hello @propor,


According to Kaspersky - AVAILABILITY OF KASPERSKY SECURITY CLOUD, Last review: Apr 8, 2020

  • What location have you set in your MyKaspersky account? 
  • Have you tried with a new MyKaspersky account? 
  • Is there a specific Kaspersky GUI language requirement? If “no”, download Kaspersky Security Cloud Free for Windows from Global www. 

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


I’m having the same issue.I’m living in Poland and Poland is a part of EU and if I select EU in the Security cloud instalation ,it still shows the same error.I tried with global and it didn’t worked either.

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@January I am confused , in another Topic you are asking for assistance related to an installed KSCloud Free product.

Well I’m in progress of instaling it.

Eitherway I need to fix the issue couse I don’t have any protection against those atacks.