Bluescreen from Klif.sys

Since upgrading to Windows 10 19041.264 last week I have had several bluescreen crashes from klif.sys in the non-paged pool.

Is this a known issue - if it is when will it be fixed, if it isnt a known issue how do I get it fixed?




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Hello @wimorrison, Welcome.

Can you please tell us the exact version of your Security Cloud?
It should be 'K'.

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@wimorrison hello,


in case of BSOD it is better to contact Tech support(Create a request to Tech Support) and provide a complete memory dump(https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/12402) in an archive and a GSI report (https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632) with enabled event logs capture option.

Thank you - I have just forced an update to 20.0,14.1085(k) - though why I had to do this manually, and why it required 4 reboots is beyond me.

I will see if this cures the issue

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