blue screen of death

  • 15 November 2021
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Hi everyone, couple of days ago i downloaded kaspersky cloud security. Since then i started recieving bsod regularly while using my laptop, even multiple times a day. Can anyone please help me on this issue here is the screenshot of the  bsod errors



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9 replies

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Welcome. Please contact Tech Support, link is located near top of this web page. Support will inform you of what logs they need, how to get the logs and how to send them. 

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@richbuff  Is there live chat ?

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Is there live chat ?

Hello @Omar Osama

For the majority of support locations chat is available: - https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c/#contacts, scroll to the lower portion of the page; if, for your location, there is no chat, go to: https://support.kaspersky.com/us/b2c/US

Thank you🙏


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Hi @Omar Osama , 

on the screenshot I see bddci.sys, which is the BitDefender anti-virus driver: 

If you do not have BitDefender installed, simply rename the driver from bddci.sys to bddci_old.sys to fix this issue. 

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@Igor Kurzin thanks alot gonna try it but is ti normal that bitdefender antivirus file is ok the device even tho i haven't downloaded bitdefender and the device is new 

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@Igor Kurzin is it better if i downloaded bitdefender uninstalling tool ?


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Hi @Omar Osama , 

May be this file came as a part of some other solution. 

You can rename manually, it is a quicker route from my point of view. 

To be safe from any consequences you can create a Windows restore point before renaming. So if anything goes not as expected, you can either rename the file back or revert the system to the restore point. From my experience renaming of this .sys file does not bring any problems. 

If you give a try for bitdefender uninstalling tool, please let us know the results.

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@Igor Kurzin hi thanks for responding, i gave the bitdefenfer uninstalling tool a try but i didnt remove the file so i resorted to your solution of renaming the file and i havent seen that blue screen again thanks alot 💙

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Hi @Omar Osama , 

Thanks for sharing the results! Glad you got it sorted out. 

Have a good day and stay safe!