Whatsapp disappeared / cannot be opened after installation of Safe Kids

  • 10 June 2020
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After installation of the Safe Kids on the iphone of my Kid, he is not able to open the Whatsapp.

Also, it disappeared from the bottom panel of the phone.

Can you please advice?

I would like my kid to be able to use the Whatsapp.



7 replies

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Hello @damucka


  1. Since installing KSK has the iPhone been fully powered off & on?
  2. Have you tried reinstalling Whatsapp from the Apple store?  
  3. When was KSK installed? 
  4. What is the iPhone version? 
  5. In MyKaspersky KSK → Applications tab, is Whatsapp listed? 
  6. How old is your child?
  7. Has Age monitoring been enabled? 

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:




Please find my answers below.



Yes, it has been powered off and on



Whatsapp is there on the iphone, however you cannot open it from the icon, just from the App Store - only there you have the “open” button. However, when I try to do this, I get the following message (German):

“Einschränkungen aktiviert

Manche Apps, Funktionen oder Dienste werden nicht angezeigt bzw. könnten nicht benutzt werden, wen Einschränkungen aktiviert sind. Deaktiviere sie, um diese App zu benutzen”


Perhaps it is important to mention, that there are also the iOS Parental Settings active on the device. However there was no issue with Whatsapp before installing Safe Kids.

Can it be because the Whatsapp is from 16+ and my kid is 10 years old?

If yes, how would I define an exception in Kaspersky for this?



yesterday evening



iphone 7 with iOS 13.1.1



Not sure where to find it ….

Under MyKasperski → Kids → Applications there is no list but the general info that it will block the apps as per iOS settings and then there is a following text next to the my kids device:

“Für iOS-Geräte ist nur die Option "Apps nach Altersbeschränkungen blockieren" verfügbar. Anwendungen, die als nicht altersgerecht gelten, werden auf dem Gerät des Kindes verborgen.”


However, as mentioned - before whatsapp was working fine, even with the iOS parental settings. Just after installation of Safe Kids the issues started.


Please advice,


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Hello @damucka,

Thank you for updating us and the information:ok_hand_tone3:

  • (iOS) KSK App control → Exceptions, is not available.
  • Whatsapp developers/Apple have graded the app as appropriate for age 16+, KSK applies a restriction based on the Age template you’ve configured, in this case 10 years old.
  • Both of the information panels (you’ve provided above) are reflecting the issue. 
  • IARC ratings can be confusing, & are definitely not standardised, for example, Whatsapp, in Windows & Google Play Store have a rating of 3+ (not entirely sure I’d want a 3 year old to be using an encrypted messaging app:thinking: ), whereas, as already stated, Whatsapp in the Apple Store is rated 16+. 
  • It’s important to note, much of the KSK app management functionality, available for Windows & Android, is not available for iOS, unfortunately:disappointed: .
  • Regarding Rating discrepancies, KSK developers recently advised, any such issues would be resolved by them referencing what’s available in the Russian Google Play Store; one would have to assume they’ll use the same policy, for discrepancies in any other stores:zipper_mouth:

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Have you tried reinstalling Whatsapp? Try installing some other Whatsapp versions to see if they work.

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Hello @curtnorval,


On iOS devices, KSK “hides” apps that do not meet age requirements, as defined the parent, this is “by design”, in accordance with the Apple/Developer rating and KSK’s compliance. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Thank you for sharing this information. It helps keep my kids away from bad things.

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