Using Kaspersky User account as Safe Kids authentication

  • 24 March 2020
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Whose brilliant idea was it to use my highly secure, 40 character, alphanumeric profile as the user prompt every single time I have to make a change to Safe Kids?

Terrible user experience. Can’t even use it now.


3 replies

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Hello @skowronek,


On Windows & MAC devices Kaspersky Safe Kids uses the MyKaspersky account email address & password for a parent to manage the application. 

On iOS & Android, after initial setup, with MyKaspersky account email address & password, Kaspersky Safe Kids uses the configured authentication code, for a parent to manage the application. 

Does “Can’t even use it now” mean you cannot access your MyKaspersky account or you cannot use Kaspersky Safe Kids? 

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


My Kaspersky passwords is 20+, alphanumeric, secured password. I would prefer not to have to pull in my password manager every time I have to make the slightest change to my kids configuration. What happened to just using a custom pin or key to unlock configuration options?

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Hello @skowronek

Thank you for replying:ok_hand_tone3:

I totally agree!

KSK has some good features and some failings, (imo) account management is one of the failings.

For example, only one MyKaspersky account can be used to manage the KSK application = 1 Parent account; if, for example, a child has 2 parents (that’s kinda commonplace) & or maybe 2 step parents & or “any other” type of Parent combination, all using KSK to “manage” their child, all have to use the (same) one MyKaspersky account, or each Parent has to each buy a separate KSK license to use their own MyKaspersky account to manage the child:angry:

The “Using Kaspersky User account as Safe Kids authentication/using a custom pin or key to unlock configuration options” issue you’ve identified, was raised with Kaspersky many months ago, there’s been no progress:confounded:

Thank you:pray_tone3: