Unable to extend childs time on request

  • 16 July 2020
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Hello, Have raised a tachnical request with support and can see similar topics here so wanted to check if anyone in the communiy has a fix for this issue.


We have no way to extend childs time without completely turning off Safe kids.

- Child reaches time limit.
- Child clicks "Request more time" and told request sent to parent (Screenshot 1)
- No notification on phone (screenshot 2)
- Email is received, (Screenshot 3)
- Clicking GO to child requests opens website, but there are no notifications and nothing to approve. (Screenshot 4)
- Settins look correct (Screenshot 5)

Safe kids (windows) version
Safe Kids (Android (as parent)

Many thanks.



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Hello @waynieoaks,


Thank you for the information & images:ok_hand_tone3:, based on those, we’ve tested the issue: 

Android KSK Alert settings


Android KSK Alert settings

Android KSK Alert settings

Android KSK App settings

MyKaspersky KSK Notifications settings

Windows device blocked, child sends request

KSK email, advising: Child requests more time

Android, KSK push notifications = Unread alerts & device blocked

Android, KSK Alerts, Summary

Android, KSK Alert detail

MyKaspersky KSK Child’s request popup

MyKaspersky KSK Notification, device blocked, pending parent response. 


Analysing the information and images, it appears as tho the KSK alert popups (in the MyKaspersky account) are not being received & Android KSK push notifications & alerts are not being received:thinking:

As we're not sure if the issue has always existed or is new, our recommendations are:

:arrow_right:[a] Android (parent)

  1. Check/confirm KSK system requirements?
  2. Check Android available ROM & RAM? If necessary cleanup. 
  3. Uninstall KSK according to documentation.
  4. Shutdown Android, do not restart atm.

:arrow_right:[b] Windows (child) 

  1. Sign out of MyKaspersky account. 
  2. Check/confirm KSK system requirements?
  3. Uninstall KSK according to documentation.
  4. Shutdown device using Shutdown, not Restart, power device on, login.
  5. Check Windows child account, ensure it's Standard. 
  6. Download & install new KSK according to documentation.
  7. Configure KSK child account. 

:arrow_right:[c] Android (parent)
Restart device, login.
Download & install new KSK according to documentation. 
Setup KSK & configure KSK parent account. 


:arrow_right:[d] MyKaspersky

  1. Sign into MyKaspersky, select Devices tab → https://my.kaspersky.com/MyDevices#/
  2. Ensure the KSK icon, for both devices is green, clear, not faint/clouded?  




  • :question:[e] Recheck original issues: child clicks "Request more time", parent not receiving Push notification, KSK Child requests alert, MyKaspersky KSK alert popups:question: 
  1. Android Push notifications?
  2. Android KSK application, Child's requests? 
  3. MyKaspersky KSK alert popup? 

Please let us know the outcome and, if the Kaspersky Technical Team provide any advice, please share in your topic? 

Thank you:pray_tone3: