Unable to connect to My Kaspersky, mobile.

  • 3 May 2021
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I installed the app on child phone ok, but for remote control on parent phone I cannot login, I have tried a lot of times on various networks.

I am not a new user, there has been a gap, I used the free version for a year, skipped a year, now with a new phone for child I went ahead and bought KSK and it has become hopeless since I last tried it.

I am logged into the PC system (despite recapcha confusion), but under kids it just says nothing is known.

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5 replies

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  1. I installed the app on child phone ok.
  2. remote control on parent phone I cannot login, I have tried a lot of times on various networks.
  3. I am logged into the PC system
  4. Under kids it says nothing is known.

Hello @ChrisA


  1. It sounds as if there’s 3 devices: a mobile used by parent, a mobile used by child & a PC used by parent - is that correct? 
  2. Do all three devices meet KSK Hardware & software requirements: Windows, Android ? 
  3. Windows Operating system version & build
  4. (Android) Manufacturer name & Operating system version & build
  5. (Windows) KSK version & patch(x) - in Windows taskbar hidden icons, rightclick the KSK icon, select About?  
  6. (Android x 2), KSK version → open KSK, scroll down, select About
  7. (Your Android), “cannot login to MyKaspersky”, can you log into your Kaspersky Community account
  8. (Your Android), can you log into your Google account
  9. (Your Android), has KSK been uninstalled & clean installed
  10. Post a full screen image of what you see when you see “it just says nothing is known”, we need to see what you see? 
  11. Is KSK Premium / licensed or Free?  


Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

Additional resource:

Read before you create a new topic! tutorial, by @Danila T. 

Hi Flood,

I would be stunned if any of the devices I am using is not up to it.

  1. Correct

I am going to shortcut this bit, all the devices have at least quad cores, loads of ram/rom, all have current fully patched mainstream OS.

I can log into community and my account on windows, all the kids tracking windows say “No information for the selected period.” except devices which states “Device is protected”.

Logging into the safe kids app on my phone takes password info then says “Unable to connect to My Kapersky   Check your internet connection and try again”. The try again option takes you to a screen that should contain a captcha image to read chars from, but it is blank, no amount of refreshing it gets the image. It is the same on broadband or mobile data.

Uninstall/reinstall does not help

I made the mistake of paying for the safe kids app, I used it for a couple of years to control a phone that had no sim, now it is a real phone so I thought use the same program and pay for full access.


If you know the URL of the cpatha server I can test if I can ping it etc.



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Hello @ChrisA

Thank you for posting back!

When we log into MyKaspersky, there is no eCaptcha.

Kaspersky have recently updated the MyKaspersky portal; we manually select essential cookies only, uncheck the remaining three:thinking:

The reason the (earlier) information was requested is there’s some known issues with specific brands, the known issues may not be related to “unable to connect”, and definitely not related to: “information not showing”, nevertheless, it helps us help you check everything. 

Log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, in the incident request, fill in the information specific to your devices; Support may request you install a special version of KSK & may request traces & other data, they will guide you: 



Please share the outcome with the Community when it’s available

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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So I thought, give up, it is only 14.99 to loose, lesson learned.

Except it is on autorenew of course, and what do you know cancelling that is an epic too.


You have to follow a link in your recipt to initialize a whole different set of credentials to get to the subscription.


Ok easy set it to the same login, wrong - cannot be an email address.

Ok, simple name, same as here and simple alphanumeric password, wrong invalid token.

Perhaps the password is too short - let google invent a password - wrong invalid token.


So I cannot log in to use the product, and I cannot login to cancel the product.

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Hello @ChrisA

According to Kaspersky, if the license was brought from within the MyKaspersky account, there will be the option to cancel Auto-renew, however, if it was bought using a Kaspersky website, there’s no cancel option in (your) MyKaspersky account & Kaspersky recently changed the MyKaspersky portal, so, if you’re having trouble, the fastest way to cancel Auto-renew is contact Kaspersky Technical Support, select Online chat or Phone, give them the Activation code & or License number, they will help:

Note: select your location (1) 



Note, if you purchased the license from someone other than Kaspersky, you need to contact that merchant. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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