Unable to allow Microsoft Tools

  • 14 December 2019
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I received a report that “Microsoft Tools” on our Windows Desktop was blocked. I went to the Settings tab to attempt to allow it, but “Microsoft Tools” is not in the list of applications. How do I allow the application?

5 replies

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Hello  @JimByYard,


:arrow_right:So I can test: please share Microsoft Tools link , is it an app from MS store or shipped with Windows? :arrow_left:

Please tell me:

  1. Windows version & build?
  2. Is Windows uptodate?
  3. KSK version?   In Windows Taskbar, right click KSK icon, select “About
  4. Is KSK uptodate? 
  5. Are any Application Categories configured? 
  6. Are any age restrictions applied? 
  7. Have you resynced your device with your MyKaspersky account?
  8. KSK, Premium or Free? (Free has config limitations). 

Please let me know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Information, according to KSK developers:

 “on Windows, KSK application list is “supposed” to update in realtime, however, if an  application is deleted/uninstalled, KSK does not update/reflect updated KSK application list at all. 

The only way to make KSK reflect realtime windows application list is uninstall KSK and reinstall and delete child profile and recreate.. “  :unamused:


@FLOOD I don’t have direct access to the Windows 10 computer, so I can’t provide any of that information. There are Application Categories configured and age restrictions applied. It is KSK premium. I can’t find any way using the iPhone parental control app to approve Microsoft Tools. When I try to use the parental control site via my browser on my desktop, either via Applications->Reports or Notifications->Kids, I am unable to make any changes for the “Microsoft Tools” app. I’ve attached screenshots of the two paths I have attempted to follow.

If I go through Notifications->Kids and click the “Edit settings” button, a window pops up and disappears again without displaying any content.

As you can see in the Applications->Reports screenshot, Microsoft Tools has no gear icon to allow me to make a change.

That’s all I have for you.

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:arrow_right: I’m more than happy to test the issue as soon as you’re able to provide the requested information:arrow_left:

  • Regarding configuring KSK, from within (your) MyKaspersky account, configuration is done via Kids, Settings, Applications (Application monitoring, turn on or turn off application monitoring and define application settings).

(my test device) checking  “Microsoft”, one MS app has been added to Category  Tools, the other MS app to Category  Other

No preinstalled MS applications, are reflected, however, this requires further testing based on your specific information.  

According to the developers: for Windows:

if/when an app is not reflected in KSK, uninstall & reinstall KSK (on device where app is installed), recheck”

“in devices with Windows, KSK application list is “supposed” to update in realtime, however, if an application is deleted/uninstalled, KSK does not update/reflect updated KSK application list at all.”

  • Regarding Reports :gear: Gear icon, please see my image: 


:octagonal_sign: On either device, if KSK is not working as expected, always check opsys is up to date, refresh KSK by uninstalling and reinstalling, if issue(s) persist, log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support.

As KSK is installed on a Windows device, you’d choose the Windows template (see image), I’ve selected Windows 10 & the latest KSK version, you’d fill in with your child’s device specific information.

It’s important to provide as much detail as possible, including images from both devices.

Submitting the request will generate an automated email with an INC#, within 5 business days a Technical Support person will contact you, also by email, you may continue to communicate with Support via email or by updating the INC in your MyKaspersky account.

Support may request logs & traces from both devices:octagonal_sign:

Note: iOS Application limitations, applies on iOS device, with KSK configured for use by child. 

  • Settings for application categories, (not available for iOS).
  • Specific settings for applications regardless of their category, (not available for iOS).
  • When using an iOS device, you can only control access to those applications that are not suitable to a child at a given age.

Please let us know the outcome when it’s available? 

Thank you.


Windows/KSK Library

iOS/KSK Library

Kaspersky Safe Kids for Windows release notes

Kaspersky Safe Kids for Microsoft Windows

Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android/iOS

On the parent's iOS device, KSK, Monitor app use

I have the same problem with Fortnite on both my kids Win 10 PC’s.

They request access which I accept and it still blocks. More trouble than its worth!

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Hello  @MarkS,


May I know the ages of your children please?

On the kids PCs, when Fortnite is blocked, can you post images of the block please?

On the kids PCs, are any Windows Parental Control features enabled?

Thank you