TouchPal Keyboard internet search not blocked by KSK

  • 10 November 2019
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KSK is unable to block access to the internet done through the search function within the TouchPal keyboard,  KSK blocking of Bing, Google and it's variants has no affect. This is a major failure with KSK since the internet can be accessed without limitations regardless of the KSK blocking settings.

2 replies

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Hello  @XM42,


Please let me know:

  1. (Child) Device operating system and version?
  2. Child age? 
  3. KSK version? 
  4. KSK Premium or Free?
  5. TouchPal Keyboard version?
  6. TouchPal Keyboard - where is it sourced from? May I have the source URL please?
  7. What application category has KSK defined for: TouchPal Keyboard?
  8. Do you wish for TouchPal Keyboard to be available for the child to use, but need it to have “Safe Search” capacity or you do not wish for the child to have access to the TouchPal Keyboard?

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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Hello @XM42,


:radioactive: 60 applications developed by CooTek, including, TouchPal Keyboard, have been removed from Google Play Store. CooTek (Developer of TPK) has also been reportedly banned from Google's advertising platforms:radioactive:

(My recommendation) uninstall TouchPal Keyboard, there’s more issues with it than just KSK “blocking”.

Thank you.