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  • 30 December 2019
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I allowed a request from my kid to use YouTube.  How long does that permission last?


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Hello  @livefree75,


Kaspersky Safe Kids allows or limits application use according to the following settings:

  • Application Categories

   Settings for application categories (not available for iOS), Youtube is in category: Social networks

  • Age Restrictions

The age restrictions based on public age-appropriate ratings: (available for iOS in the app version and later), Youtube is in age rating 12+

  • Application

Specific settings for applications regardless of their category. (not available for iOS).

Note: exclusions can be set to enable an application to be available irrespective of the above configurations and Device Use, by selecting “Available on blocked device

  • Device Use - Time Control

Time limit -  allocate how many hours per day a device will be available to be used.

Schedule - allocate a set period when the device will be available for use.

Note: exclusions can be set to enable an application to be available irrespective of the  Device Use configuration, by selecting “Available on blocked device

Note1: Schedule feature only available with KSK Premium Subscription

There are also some differences, depending on whether the childs device is Windows os, Android os, Mac os or iOS os. 

How to find the version of your operating system

How to find the version of your Kaspersky Lab product

Thank you:pray_tone3:

That didn't really answer my question.  I'm asking specifically about when the child asks for permission to access blocked content, and I give permission, is that permanent, can or does it revert back to blocked after a while?

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Hello  @livefree75,

I understand the question, however, Device Use (Time), based on a 24hr cycle, “manages” what & how the child has access to. 

  • So, for example, if the Device Use time is 4 hours daily, access to a “blocked” application, you’ve given permssion to, will be for 4 hours, furthermore, if device has been used for 2 hours, when the “permission” request is actioned, the application will be available for 2 hours. 
  • Additionally, if an application is set to to be available irrespective of the Device Use configuration, the child will have access to the application, for as long as the device is on & the child is logged in. 

Thank you:pray_tone3: